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About Us:
Cannefax Design delivers exceptional Commercial, Architectural, Industrial and Residential Photography.  
Engage us to photographically showcase your project with a focus on the artistic, aesthetic and business aspects of  your project. 
We are able aid in developing the marketing material which presents your finished structures and spaces to your market place.
Effective October 2020, Cannefax Photography is moving its office to Moab, UT.  We will continue to be available for northern Utah projects.
Raymond Cannefax has engaged in commercial photography since 1969 and product design since 1986.  He photographed was a team member engaged in the design of Utah's Triad Center marketing material.  He has served as a corporate executive  for over 20 years. 
As a result, Ray understands the positive impact good photographs contribute to marketing success of real estate developments, commercial or industrial, and the sale and leasing of commercial and private properties..