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Cannefax Design is available to meet at a time convenient for you.  We will arrange to answer your questions and arrange for your shoot.   In the "Comments" section below please advise us of a time when you would like your property photographed and the property location.  Please include your contact information and address.
Things to know when Scheduling:
Cannefax Photography
Due to the nature of natural light and working with property owners, our hours are flexible as we meet property owner's schedules and in our effort to assure a the desired photographic presentation. 

Twilight shoots are during the evening hours and may be scheduled at times different from interior shoots.  Most Commercial property photography can be accomplished throughout the day, but can be arranged to be done during evening hours..

We can work with property owners to help stage the interiors or maximum photographic impact.
Holladay, UT  84117

Please include your telephone number and  address of your property.