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Commercial & Architectural Services & Rates               $125 / hr.
Our services for Architects, Contractors, and Property Developers are as diverse as your needs.  We are capable of taking a project from inception through the construction phase, up through to the finished structure.  We work with your engineers, project managers and contractors to assure photographic excellence and accurate documentation of your project from concept to completion.  When completed, we photograph the interior and exterior of your finished project to deliver a accurate visual record for insurance, inspectors, and potential buyers or renters.
For Commercial Agents, we will photograph your property listing with extensive exterior and interior photographs that showcase the property you have listed for sale or lease.  
Architectural rates depend on the scope of the project.  
          A complete start to finish building project can range from six months to several years.
          Rates will be based on the scope of photographic coverage desired by the client and the amount of time required to meet            the client's photographic documentation needs and objectives.
          For spot work on building projects there is a minimum two hour rate of $125/hour plus directly related expenses.  
          For projects that require travel, we will confirm expected fees with the client during the initial discussions of the 
Commercial Photography Services and Rates are based on property size, property location and property accessibility. 
           We will provide an extensive array of exterior and interior photos that compliment the property being sold or leased. 
           During the initial meeting we will discuss a flat fee for the entire photographic project or a time for service fee. 
           arrangement rate based on $125/hour with a two hour minimum, plus directly related expenses,
           As with our residential rate structure, fees are dependent on the scale of the project and the size of the structure being
           photographed.  We arrange our photography schedule to work around those working on your project.