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Residential Photographic Services & Rates
Cannefax Photography & Design delivers high quality professional real estate photography.  Our images are affective and captivating.  Our services are affordable for properties of any size with prices starting at just $100 for a Basic Shoot.  Add-Ons include twilight photography. 
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Real Estate Photography Packages & Rates
Entry Level Package:  ($160 Value)                                          $100
  12 Edited Professional Photographs:                                        
  Interior and Exterior Photographs
  Up to 2,400 square feet                                             

Basic Package:  ($230 Value)                                                    $180
  25 Edited Professional Photographs
  Interior and Exterior Photographs with full editing
  For homes up to 5,000 square feet

Enhanced Package:  ($475 Value)                                             $325
  30 - 40 Edited & Enhanced Professional Photographs
  Interior, Exterior and Neighborhood Photographs 
  Dedicated 1-page Property Website

Large Home Package: ($650 Value)                                          $400
  Unlimited Photos for homes larger than 6,000 sq. ft.
  Enhanced Package plus additional Property and
  Neighborhood Photography and Twilight shots

Additional Services
Twilight Photography                                                                  $100

Simulated Twilight Appearance                                                  $35

Community Photographs                                                            $50

10 Extra Photographs of Residence & Neighborhood                $65

Partial Re-Shoot                                                                          $75

Remote structure shoot requiring FWD Vehicle access              $135

Location Travel Fees
No additional Travel Fees for the Salt Lake Valley, Lehi, Alpine, Bountiful, Jeremy Ranch or Park City:

Provo, Ogden, Tooele and Heber areas:

Logan, Eden, Evanston, Coalville and areas with a 100 mile or greater round-trip:

Distant photo shoots outside the areas defined.  Please contact us for a quote:




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The timeline of each shoot varies based on ambient light, weather, home layout, home accesasbility, etc.  A typical photo shoot requires 1 to 3 hours for interior photos, Exterior shots take another 20 to 90 minutes.  These are estimates that vary from property to property. Larger properties with more sophisticated features take significantly longer, sometimes taking an entire day from morning to night.

 Real Estate Photography Statistics:

 85% Of Home Buyers Say Photos Are Extremely Influential In Their Decision Making Process

 Professional Photos Increase In Listing Views 61% Compared To Non-Professional Photos

 Homes With Professional Photos Have a 4.7% Higher Asking Price

 Listings with Professional Photos Sell an Average of 8% - 15 % Faster than Listings without Professional Photography !





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